Saturday, July 21, 2012

Buxom Babe: New Super Luchadora

As mentioned in the interview over at Murdering the Magic with the bodacious Banci Wright, I AM INDEED creating a new superheroine! Her name is Abby Bradley, aka BUXOM and she is a Super Luchadora!

Here's the quick background on her:
She is a half-Scottish, half-Mexican babe who takes her hobby in women's wrestling to the extreme!
Her incredible physique comes from drug trials tested on the residents of her small town when she was a child. Permanent side effects of taking these banned drugs were devastating to most, but yielded incredible results on Abby including superhuman strength, a high pain threshold and rapid healing.

After graduating college, Abby joins the local police force to take back Mexico from the cartels. But when she gets assigned with a corrupt partner, her whole team is suddenly taken down in a bloodbath.

Determined to fight for justice and liberating the Mexican people from a mismanaged government and the powerful druglords, Abby takes her luchadora stage persona of "Buxom" onto the streets---and uses her muscle to fight crime!

The inspiration for BUXOM comes from an admired fellow comics artist Adamame Bean, and my brother who not only maps the narco killings in Mexico, but initially moved there to in order to found an institute for police reform intended to serve as a template for reforming corrupt policing world wide. This specific project is now on hold due to lack of government funding.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more!

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