Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Interview with a Vamp

The kind and talented Banci Wright took time out of his busy schedule to grill me for my comic-making secrets. And I gladly gave them up, being the attention-whore that I am! But don't take my word for it, please read the entire interview for yourself on Banci's blog, Murdering the Magic!


Banci: Thank you, Carrie, for taking time to answer my questions. What's happening comics- wise for you at the moment?

Carrie: This year has been a good so far in terms of putting my work out there and getting a positive response. Most of that is due to having a small-press publisher like Dexter Cockburn's The Comix Company putting out my stuff and doing the follow up work in terms of submissions for review and social media marketing. The rest is because of my own initiative of online networking, buying a domain for my blog, and participating in (local) conventions. In terms of projects, I have a few things on the go, including SuperSexy, a comic parody starring PowerGirl, Starfire and Supergirl in a sort of love-triangle. I'm torn between the amount of XXX involved, because I've written an actual story (with a plot and everything!) for the three of them, and the sex would come towards the end. PowerGirl and Starfire are especially favourite characters of mine, that I feel have been mostly misrepresented in the DCU. I wanted to give them a femininity that was already strong without the macho posing. But I do think its important to create characters and titles that are 100% creator-owned.  That's why I'm also working on Poor Little Fat Girl and my own superheroine, Buxom.

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