Saturday, February 9, 2013

New Year, New Comics

Greetings, interwebs! It's been awhile! I have to admit that I've been fighting of an "Archie's Comics" obsession for the past few months, and the most fortuitous aberration has been making mini-Archie-style DC and Marvel comics! This marries well with my previous (and ongoing, really) obsession with DC&Marvel superheroines, some of which I am still discovering as I expand my comics collection. Characters such as Thundra (Marvel) from West Coast Avengers was an exciting new discovery! In any case, below you can see the mini's in various stages of completion, and thus far include Thundra, Medusa, Emma Frost, She-Hulk (Marvel), and Big Barda, Power Girl, Knock Out and Terra (DC). These little comics are half-page, tri-fold style on sheets of plain, multi-colored 20lb copy paper. Their existence is mostly accidental, being the result of boredom and copious amounts of cheap, colored paper.

Future plans for these minis include making print copies for sale in my online store.

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